March 2019 Plan With Me | Top 5 Videos

March 2019 plan with me bullet journal spread videos

How is March almost here already? How is that even right? Holy crap… This month, we have a lot of different styles to choose from in the Bujo community. While Instagram seems to be full of plants, our favourite YouTubers are trying out all the new things, so we don’t have to! We’ve got some […]

How To Fill Your Bullet Journal Spreads With Photos

how to make bullet journal spreads into memory pages - fill your bujo with memories

A lot of Bullet Journalists are people who love the idea of craft, but cannot justify the time or money spent on a  hobby that will end up gathering dust on a shelf. Here’s looking at you handmade pottery, half-finished dreamcatchers and 2-page scrapbooks. But that’s why the Bullet Journal has been so popular – […]

Best February 2019 Plan With Me Videos

Top 5 february 2019 plan with me youtube video bullet journal spread ideas

It’s February already, which means another month in our Bullet Journal is almost completed. While February does produce a lot of Valentines goodness, we are pleased to report we’ve found a lot of inspiration that has nothing to do with Valentines day. Below we have floral doodles, stamping genius and even a black and white […]

Christmas Spreads for Your Bullet Journal to help you keep it together| The @Instaliddy Takeover!

Christmas bullet journal spreads inspiration ideas and organise xmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! And with the crazy festive season fast approaching, Nancy has left the Journal Junkies helm to me for this week’s post. I’m not sure if she’s brave or stupid but I didn’t hesitate to jump at the chance of a takeover! So, I present to you, 10 (and a […]

The Ultimate Guide To Collections in Your Bullet Journal

ultimate guide to collections in your bullet journal 10+ ideas and spread layouts

If you’ve been bullet journalling for a long time, you’ll probably have a heap of collections you’ve recreated in every journal. I definitely have my favourites. But but for some of us, the term “Bullet Journal Collection” might still make us think of a shelf full of notebooks. And that’s okay! I only learned these […]

November 2018 Plan With Me | Top 5 Videos for Inspiration

November 2018 best plan with me bullet journal videos

November is my favourite month of the year. Not least because it’s the month of my birthday and Bonfire Night, but also because it feels cosy and Autumnal, even in the southern Hemisphere. There are still a lot of fall themes around, but this month there is a lot of chat about self-care and conscious […]

How to use Faber-Castell Gelatos in your Bullet Journal (without water)

How to use gelatos in your bullet journal

Do you love spreads that use lots of colour and watercolour, but hate bleeding, ghosting and buckling? Me too, but most notebooks are not set up to handle all the art we want to throw at them. It’s hard to fit hundreds of pages into a Bullet Journal when they’re made from thick artist paper. […]

Improve your hand lettering in your Bullet Journal (using the Polaroid Zip)

how to improve your hand lettering and calligraphy in your bullet journal using the polaroid zip mobile printer cover

Did art teachers tell you off for not being able to draw a straight line? What about geography teachers chastising you for not colouring within the lines? Maybe science teachers were appalled at your inability to draw to scale? Here’s something not many people know… I actually have a real artistic handicap and experienced all […]

Archer & Olive Bullet Journal Review – With Sharpie & Watercolor Test!

Archer & Olive dotted bullet journals the full journal junkie review with sharpie and watercolor

When I did my first review of the Archer & Olive dotted journals, it was love at first sight. But, and I’m going to be honest here, I’d been so excited, I had missed a few things. I mean, what’s a Bullet Journal review without a proper watercolour test these days? Then, someone asked if […]